Wishful thinking.

I literally want to scream at you. Not because i’m angry, not because you’ve done something wrong, but because every single part of me misses you and misses what we had. It wasn’t something special like they write about in books or see about in movies, but it was us, and that’s all I want back. My best friend. The guy I could tell absolutely everything to with no fear or what you might think. The guy I could laugh with over the uttermost stupid things I did. The guy who would hold me when I was broken and the guy who would be there first row to all of my achievements. It literally kills me that you don’t think we’ll ever get there again. You don’t say that but I know you think it. Maybe you’re right. But that doesn’t mean I won’t still spend every day thinking about it, and what it could be like. I love you. I miss you. I wish you were still here. I wish I could scream loud enough that you would finally hear me. That’s all.

omg. i love you.

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  • guys: why do girls care about their weight so much, it's so annoying
  • guys: ew, fat chicks